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Church Office Hours

Tuesday thru Friday  

9:00 AM  - 3:00 PM

Sold Out Student Ministries

Youth Sunday Bible Study

For Youth in High School

The main goal at Sold Out…

is to reach the teenagers of our church and of Santa Fe,

to show them that having a relationship with God will be the best choice they will every make.

To show them the freedom and love that comes with accepting Jesus Christ as their savior!

To help them strengthen their relationship with God, so that when they go out into the real world they will be grounded in God’s word and will know who they are in Christ.

They meet on Sundays in the NLFF Coffee Shop on Sunday's right after the worship service at 10:00 and will meet until church is over.

If you are a High School student - or in this particular age group - you are welcome to join us. (Exceptions can be made if the student is mature enough to be in a class room with high school students)

The leaders are Ryan Tibbetts and Arianna Romero.

The Pastors are Scott and Brenda Tibbetts.

Ryan's contact info is

Mobile: (505) 795 2602

Email: cadet700@gmail.com

They do have a Facebook page which is www.facebook.com/FusionSM. Please go to their page to find out what's going on. they are working on a custom logo for the new name Sold Out Ministries. (formerly known as FuZion)

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Meets at 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM