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With little other than summer clothes and a vision they headed for the Republic of Panama.  They reside on the mission complex in the jungle. Two of their children help them in the ministry there.

Each year the outside world is encroaching upon the Darien jungle. Many of the programs now available for youth and children are run by secular organizations.

Thank you for helping us keep the TRUTH alive and well in their lives. They desperately need it now as they are being bombarded with the world and all it offers to lure them back into the darkness.

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Children receive help and the Gospel thru Vida Ministries

Panama Jungle Path

Vida Ministries - Panama Dennis & Jeanne Cook

Rev. Dennis & Jeanne Cook

Dennis Cook and Jeanne Mackey grew up in Kokomo, IN.

They met in high school and became sweethearts. After graduating Dennis joined the Air Force and they married in 1967.

By 1974 they had four children, Chris, Jennifer, Jason and Chad, respectively.  

Completing his time in the military, the Cooks returned to Kokomo where Dennis worked at Delco.

In 1977 the Lord instructed them to go to Rhema Bible Training Center (Broken Arrow, OK) to receive more training. After completing the two year curriculum they were ordained as ministers.

In 1980 Dennis & Jeanne returned to Kokomo to prepare for life on the mission field. Dennis served as an associate pastor.

In November of 1981 Dennis & Jeanne boarded a plane in Indianapolis with their four kids and a niece.

Life in the Darian Jungle!

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Missionaries Dennis & Jeanne Cook