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From inception to its current role in the Body of Christ, Renner Ministries’ purpose and vision has been to teach, strengthen, and rescue people for the Kingdom of God.

Although the Renner ministry began much earlier, in 1991 God called Rick and Denise Renner and their family to what is now the former Soviet Union.

 Since that time, millions of lives in that region of the world have been touched by the various outreaches of RENNER Ministries.  In addition to conducting their work for God’s Kingdom in the former USSR, Rick and Denise Renner continue to expand their outreach throughout the world, strengthening the Body of Christ and teaching God’s Word to people via the Internet, in meetings conducted in the U.S. and other nations, and through books, video, and audio resources.

You can be a part of this great ministry through the missionary outreach of New Life Family Fellowship. Pray for this ministry.

Ask God what He would have you do to help us... help this great work.  Need more information, call us today at 505-982-8950 Or use our contact page    Together we can help Rick Renner ministries touch millions more with the Gospel.


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