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We meet Thursday Evening from 6:00 to 8:00 PM

New Life Recovery Support Group

Are you suffering from an addiction?

Is someone else’s addiction affecting your life? With God’s help, you can be more than a conqueror in all aspects of your life!  Addictions are also a family affair. They affect the loved ones of the addict.

The effects of an addiction are spiritual, emotional and physical

An addiction can create a sense of hopelessness, withdrawal and isolation plus physical illness.

Anger, guilt, are a very common effect of and addiction.

Feel like you are afloat with no sail, no motor and no oars….just drifting?  De you feel as if you are all alone with no direction?  

Bound by an addiction and you want to be free?

Join our New Life Recovery Support Group and let God put direction and purpose back into your life.  

If you are bound by an addition and you want to be free then join our weekly meetings at New Life Family Fellowship. The meeting takes place in our Activity Center each Thursday evening and begins at 6 PM and finishes at 8 PM.

New Life Family Fellowship

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