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We believe that wise council is God’s form of checks and balances. At New Life Family Fellowship we have a corporate board. The board advises the pastor in matters that concern the church.  The pastor makes the ultimate decisions, knowing that he is ultimately held accountable to God.

At New Life Family Fellowship we have adopted the form of church government and leadership structure that we feel is the most consistent with the Word of God. We believe that the ‘pastor led’ form of church government is the most in keeping with the biblical model. The church belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ as He is the head of the church. In light of that, we believe that the Senior Pastor is ultimately responsible before God for the stewardship of the local church.

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The role of the pastor is varied. From the scriptures we see that the office of the pastor includes having the heart of God for the people. He is appointed to feeding the flock God’s Word, taking the the oversight of the church, being an example to the church and protecting the church from false doctrine.   Acts 6:1-7; I Timothy 3:8-13; I Corithians 12:28

The Bible, God’s Word is our primary source for guidance. God will never lead an individual or a church body in a direction that is contrary to the written Word of God.   2 Timothy 3:16-17;  Romans 8:14

According to scripture, Jesus is the head of the church. As the head, He directs all the affairs of the church as those in the body are sensitive to hear and obey Him. Colossians 1:8

Jesus as the head of the church, calls some people to fill what is known as the five -fold ministry offices. One of those is that of the Pastor. In local churches, through the office of the pastor, Jesus leads the church. It is imperative that those called to be pastors are

in fellowship and sensitive to the leading of Jesus the Head of the Church. Ephesians 4:11-13

Our church in an independent, non-denominational, full gospel church. What that means is that we are not affiliated with any one denomination, although, our Pastors are licensed and ordained by Rhema Bible Training Center, located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Our church is full of people who were raised in any number of denominations including Methodist, Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, Assemblies of God and many others. What we all have in common is that we exalt Jesus Christ as Lord and we believe that the Bible is the infallible Word of God.

What type of church are we? What type of church are we? How is New Life Family Fellowship led? What is the role of the Pastor? How is the Church instructed What type of church are we? What about boards and advisors? What is form of government?

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