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New Covenant Prayer is Powerful  02-26-2017

  Experience the Greatness of God

 Because He Lives In Me

  It’s A New Life   

  The Grace of God

 Using Your Faith

 Understanding the Holy Spirit

 One of God’s Richest Blessings… Marriage

 The Kingdom Way

 Benefits of being a Christian

 In the midst of your valley

  Living a Changed Life

 Plant the Word Seed

 Perfect Love Casts Out Fear  

 Become Mature in Christ

What about Resurrection Day

Accepted by God

 According to the Word by Faith

 Overcoming our Adversary

 Success is Christ in Your Life


Christ’s Grace vs the Law

Allow Holy Spirit to Guide our Relationships

 Don’t Blame God

 Not a Religion but a Relationship

  Return to Your First Love

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Sermon Archive by Pastor Gene Druktenis

Sermon Listing Christ's Grace vs the Law.mp3 Hope - 02-14-2016.mp3 Accepted by God 03-13-16.mp3 March 27 2016 - What about Resurrection Day.mp3 Overcoming Our Adversary - 04-17-16.mp3 Plant the Word Seed 04-24-16.mp3 Living a Changed Life 05-01-16.mp3 In the midst of your valley - 05-15-16.mp3 Benefits of being a Christian - 05-22-16.mp3 The Kingdom Way 05-29-16.mp3 June 12 2016.mp3 One of God's Richest Blessings...Marriage.mp3 Don't Blame God.mp3 Understanding the Holy Spirit - 07-10-2016.mp3 Using Your Faith 07-24-2016.mp3 According to the Word by Faith 08-14-16.mp3 Return to Your First Love 8-28-16.mp3 The Grace of God.mp3 It's A New Life.mp3 Not a Religion but a Relationship.mp3 Success is Christ in Your Life 10-16-16.mp3 Because He Lives In Me.mp3 Experience the Greatness of God - Jan 29 2017.mp3 New Covenant Prayer is Powerful.mp3