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Albertson’s Community Partners Program

Donate to the Building / Property Purchase Fund simply by shopping at Albertson’s

Building Property / Purchase Fund

New Life Family Fellowship will receive a percentage of your grocery register total automatically at Albertson’s Grocery.

The plastic cards have been ordered, however you can participate by printing the temporary cards here!

We encourage each of our members to secure an Albertson’s Partners card and help our Building/Purchase Fund reach its goal simply by shopping at Albertson’s. However, if you don’t shop at Albertslon’s go here.

Reach out to family members, friends and neighbors who may be happy to participate. Above all, PRAY as New Life Family Fellowship endeavors to expand and reach more souls for the Kingdom of God.

REMEMBER, purchases will not count until after participants swipe their Albertson’s card.

So what is next?  Go Shopping at Alberttson’s!  

After you shop, (for each purchase to count) be sure to swipe your Albertson’s Partners Card.

There is no cost to participate! New Life Family Fellowship will greatly benefit from this program.

Thank You for participating in this program. See the following details for more information.

What is the Community Partners ™ program?

The Albertson’s Community Partners program is a way to reward New Life Family Fellowship and other organizations in the local community. New Life Family Fellowship is enrolled in the Community Partners program and receives custom key tags. Each time a supporter shops and scans the key tag; New Life earns a percentage of that purchase for our Building/Purchase Fund.

How long does it take to receive the custom key tag cards?

Usually it takes 4-8 weeks. New Life Family Fellowship has ordered and will distribute them to all who wish to participate.

While you wait for your initial Community Partners cards to arrive, temporary cards may be printed from our website  in PDF format.

Can I use the Community Partners key tags at any Albertsons store?

Albertsons Community Partners is supported by Albertsons stores and the Community Partners Key Tags can be scanned in the following states: AZ, CO, FL, LA, NM, TX, AR

If you forget to scan your card at checkout, can the purchases be retroactively credited?

Unfortunately no, the card must be scanned at the time of purchase for the organization to reveive credit for the transaction.

Is there a cost for the Community Partner Cards?

There is no cost to the organization for the Community Partner cards ordered and they are at no cost to those who wish to participate in the program.

Can we make copies of the template and will they scan at checkout?

Yes, you can make copies and as long as it is a good copy, it will scan. The cashier will know if the copy is not good enough to be scanned.

Question? Contact the church office at 505-982-8950 or email us at newlife@cnsp.net

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Albertson’s is ending this program in December 2015